Facebook Internal Rulebook Leaked, Most Threats Of Violence, Child And Animal Abuse "Acceptable" [Breaking]

Facebook’s internal rulebooks on sex, terrorism, hate speech, violence, and more have been leaked, and according to a report from The Guardian, many will find Facebook’s internal policies to be questionable. The documents – over 100 internal training manuals, spreadsheets and flowcharts, according to The Guardian – were revealed by a Guardian investigation termed “The Facebook Files” giving a first, significant look into Facebook’s actual internal content policies. Among the more interesting excerpts, Facebook will allow users to live-stream self-harm, on the basis that it “doesn’t want to censor or punish people in distress.” Photos of non-sexual physical abuse and bullying of children are allowable so long as there is no sadistic or celebratory element. Videos of violent death, while marked as disturbing, are also generally allowed, on the basis that they create “awareness” of issues such as mental illness. Animal cruelty is treated similarly; “celebrating” is not allowed, but it is otherwise acceptable to raise “awareness” of the issue. Perhaps most interesting is Facebook’s extremely variable policy on threats of death and violence. According to the documents, most threats of violence are to be considered either generic, or not credible. According to Facebook, “people use violent language to express frustration online” and they should feel “safe to do so” on Facebook. Specific examples of allowable, and forbidden, threats are included. Among the acceptable threats are such examples as “Little girl needs to keep to herself before daddy breaks her face,” “Unless you stop b***hing I’ll have to cut your tongue out,” “Let’s beat up fat kids,” “To snap a b***h’s neck, make sure to apply all your pressure to the middle of her throat,” and “I hope someone kills you.” Unacceptable threats include “Someone shoot Trump,” and “I’ll destroy the Facebook Dublin office.” “People commonly express disdain or disagreement by threatening or calling for violence in generally facetious and unserious ways,” adds the handbook. This story is still developing and there are a lot of documents to sift through: The Inquisitr will continue to update as more information becomes available. [Featured Image by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images]